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"Delight yourself in the Lord....
...and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4, NIV
Dig Deep For Your Dreams...Use Your Heart as the Shovel...You May Dig Up a Diamond!
I decided that I wanted to be a hooper! At this point, I’ve not only made basketball a huge part of my life, but
I’ve made it my whole life. It has consumed me!
Who was your role model as a basketball player?
Michael retired I began studying Allen Iverson. I wanted to do
everything Iverson did, from the cornrows to the cross-over. I even
took it upon my self to wear the number 3 in high school and college.
Soon after Iverson’s Question was Answered, I was assassinated by
the Assassin Kobe Bryant! To this day, I question my loyalty between
him and Mike, although you can find a Michael Jordan Tribal tattoo
around my right arm. If I had to choose one of the three for a basketball role model it would definitely be
Michael Jordan without a doubt.

When did you decide to make professional basketball a career choice? Was it always something you wanted
When did you decide to make professional basketball a career choice? Was it always something you wanted
to do with your life?
Reed: Pretty much decided that on the day I found out you could receive money for your basketball services.
I found that out at a young age, so I pretty much knew I wanted to make a career out of it early!

How did college prepare you for basketball?
Reed: College prepared me for basketball in so many ways. First and foremost, it taught me to be humble. Of
course when I arrived on campus, I automatically assumed I would start as a freshmen, and oh yes…I was in
for a rude awakening! I learned what it meant to follow before you lead. My coach always told me, “Your
time will come.” I really didn’t want to hear that at the time, but it was definitely the truth. College also
prepared me for the fierce competitions that lie ahead of me, not only in on the basketball court, but for life
in General.

How important do you think having a college degree is for your own personal success?
Reed: It’s critical, especially for my own personal success. In the highly competitive business world, it’s
pretty much a perquisite for any descent paying job. More than anything, you gain so much education
through the college journey, and not just from completing your degree.

You have had some interesting experiences as a player. You spent some time in Italy. You played with the
Nationals and the Generals. How did those experiences prepare you for this season?
Reed: Well, first of all, I would like to Thank God for blessing me with
countless experiences while touring the world! In the Imola, Italy
Summer League I played in, I had a chance to face some of the
best players in all of Italy, and even an ex-NBA player and beloved
Italian great. With the Generals, I faced long, athletic, high-flying
athletes every night. I’m confident that I’ll be able to hold my own
in the PBL.

Talk about TCOB. What has TCOB done for you?
Reed: The Cross Over Basketball has been a Blessing…with a capital B! It’s helped me get closer to where I
want to be. TCOB provided me with a very professional style of representation, and it’s definitely given me a
confidence boost! Listening to you and all of your own personal experiences and insight about how to be a
successful player both on and off the court, it raises your confidence level and you just know you’ll be
successful, especially with the emphasis on putting God first! The foundation of TCOB is faith in God, so no
matter what you want to do, having that faith as a foundation, your bound to succeed, not just as a basketball
player, but in everything that you do.

You’re staying in your home state to play for the Mid-Michigan Destroyers. Are you excited?
Reed: It feels pretty good to be back home, but I’m going to miss traveling and being abroad.

How would you rate the PBL compared to all the other minor leagues in the United States?
Reed: I haven’t seen the full talent level of the PBL, but so far it rates about the same level that I’ve played.
It seems to be in better shape than most other US Minor Leagues right now. Once the season
is under-way, I’ll have a better answer for that question.

I have to ask, because I’m a huge Steve Nash fan. You met Steve, and actually got a picture
taken with him. How did you pull that off?
Reed: Well, while on tour with The Globetrotters we had a game in Phoenix. It just so happened that the day
of our game was the night of  a Phoenix Suns game, and we were all at the gym, practicing at the same time.  
Once I finished practice, I had a chance to go down and check out the Suns’
practice… and what do you know…in comes Steve Nash! I also had a chance
to meet a few more players, the coaching staff…it was a very cool experience!
I watched Nash warm up, and he literally made about 20 shots in a row!!!

The same thing with Ron Artest and Bobby Knight?
Reed: Same thing! I met Ron Artest while we were playing in
Denver, and I caught up with Coach Knight after practice in
Lubbock, TX. Bob Knight, may be the most intense person ever!

What goals have you set for yourself this season?
Reed: Well, I definitely want to take my game to another level.
I think TCOB, the PBL and the Mid-Michigan Destroyers will definitely help me do that. At the same time, I
want to contribute to the Destroyers and help us win games. Hopefully I can play well enough to get an
overseas contract for the following year…get back to traveling!

Lastly, what advice would you give for others contemplating creating a TCOB Player Profile?
Reed: Like N.I.K.E., ...JUST DO IT! You can’t go wrong with TCOB. Like I said, it's been a blessing, with a
capital "B!" It’s definitely a good investment!

Thanks, Chuck, and God bless you this season!
Reed: Thanks, Mark!