The dream to play professional basketball lies within many. Those dreams are there for a purpose.   
Chasing the passions that lie within our soul and utilizing the gifts, talents and abilities we have been   
blessed with is what God intends for us to do. The key is to attach them to Jesus Christ. While we
may not know exactly where the pursuit will lead us, the journey pushes us to develop more faith and
trust in God. It is God's perfection. Trusting God to cultivate your dreams will lead us to the place
where we belong!


This mission of TCOB is to utilize the game of basketball to invest in the lives of others. God has  
given me a tremendous amount of experience and insight during my own personal journey to play
professional basketball. I've always felt that those experiences were for a purpose. I believe that
purpose is to inspire others to draw closer to God.

It is my mission to encourage others - especially the youth - to hold fast to the dreams that lie within
you. Place those dreams in the hands of God and never give up.

Dreams are critical pieces of the map that God gives us to get us to where He intends for us to be. Put
your faith and trust in Him and continually work to be transformed by Jesus Christ. Your journey will
lead you to the right place, and you'll experience true joy and a feeling of completeness in Christ!


The Vision of TCOB is to cultivate life change. Basketball has become so much more than a game. It  
has become a tool utilized to teach critical societal elements like teamwork, leadership,
accountability, determination and respect for others. For me, God utilized basketball to enhance my
faith. I have a better understanding of what faith is, and how important it is to combine faith with

Chasing a dream to play professional basketball is a tough challenge. Everyone around me made sure
I knew how impossible that dream was. Going after impossible dreams requires an incredible amount   
of energy, and required an even larger amount of faith and determination. However, when I began
making life-changing decisions based on a relationship with Jesus Christ, my faith grew stronger,
and my energy source became eternal - it was from God. He was my motivation. I understood that He
wanted to do something with my life that left an impression on others. I can articulate how real and
powerful God is by what I've experienced, and it all goes back to the life change that I made to put
Jesus Christ over everything.

The only person that can keep you from what God has for you is yourself!
My life has been forever changed by Jesus Christ. The game of basketball has played a vital role in   
that transformation, but without Jesus Christ, the trials that I've endured to become a professional
basketball player would not make any sense. I realize, now, that God nurtured my faith as I endured
those trials, and now God is glorified in every bit of success I attain.

Do you have far-reaching dreams? Are their tendencies within you to attempt to do great things with
your life? Don't do it alone. Give your life to Jesus Christ and let Him provide you with the energy
and motivation you will need to stay faithful to the challenging course. I made a life-changing
decision to play basketball for Jesus Christ. My hope is that TCOB, through the power of the Holy
Spirit, will inspire you do the same.
Dig Deep For Your Dreams...Use Your Heart as the Shovel...You Might Just Dig Up a Diamond!