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What is the Cross?

The Cross refers to the method of execution that Jesus of Nazareth endured      
nearly 2,000 years ago - crucifixion. Jesus was placed on a large wooden cross     
and left to hang there until death.

Jesus declared himself the Son of God. Because of this claim, he was arrested    
and eventually sentenced to death by crucifixion. Rather than plead his case       
and declare his innocence, Jesus endured his sentence. Three days after his       
death, he arose from the dead and ascended into heaven.

The basic foundation of Christianity is to believe in Jesus' death, burial and
resurrection as a forgiveness offering for a severed relationship with God. To
be a Christian is to be Christ-like. If you break down the 10 Commandments,
they can be summarized by 2 teachings. The first 5 deal with our relationship
with God (love God, have no other gods, etc.) and the last 5 with our
relationship with other people (don't steal, don't commit adultery, etc.).

Jesus had a simple message - love God and love other people.  Jesus left us a
supreme example, which is accounted for within the New Testament of the
Bible, of how we should live our life. Being a Christian is not so much
something that is attained, but more so an exciting, adventurous commitment
to a relationship with God that, in turn, provides a better, more peaceful life
for you and the people you know! Ultimately, it brings us back to what matters
most - an everlasting relationship with our God!
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